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In the 15 years since its founding, Know Your Meme has established itself as the ultimate authority on the jokes, turns of phrase and images that gain currency online. Its writers and editors treat every viral nugget as modern history to be recorded for future civilizations, like a digital Rosetta Stone.
Don Caldwell, the General Manager of Know Your Meme, spoke with Vox about the evolution of meme humor online and about looking back on the "epic bacon" era of internet culture.
How can social media trends make your brand stand out? Bloomberg recently highlighted the Know Your Meme Insights service powered by the largest internet culture encyclopedia, Know Your Meme.
Our Head of Social Media Moti De Piccioto interviewed on Meta’s blog, spilling the tea on Literally Media’s success through social media platforms.
Many classic memes were recently auctioned off for big bucks by their owners as NFTs. But how do you determine meme ownership? Don Caldwell and his team from Know Your Meme from been using their extensive knowledge of meme history to thwart NFT fraud. This is how they do it.
Know Your Meme takes this very seriously, as we provide a resource for people to gain a sufficient understanding of memes in order to participate in this type of communication," says Caldwell. "I also think future historians will gain a much deeper insight into the culture of different time periods by having resources like Know Your Meme.
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While the general U.S. population enjoys a good meme, political ones aren’t that popular. Take a look at the full infographic and check back monthly as we will dive deeper into meme sentiment with our partners at Know Your Meme
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Don Caldwell, the editor of Know Your Meme, said that part of the reason these videos spread so far is that they're generic enough to appeal to a broad audience and don't carry a particular political view, agenda or message.