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Literally Media Sees Record Traffic In Q1 2020

Comedy and Culture Brand Drives 213% Increase Year over Year

NEW YORK, May 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Literally Media, the comedy and culture brand for all, announced record traffic in the first quarter of 2020. The parent media brand saw an average of a 213% year over year increase across their three brands Know Your Meme, eBaum’s World and the Cheezburger Network. The company, which also acquired the humor magazine Cracked in September 2019, boasts 100% organic traffic to their websites and a vast and loyal social media following.

“We have been thrilled with the growth across our brands in the first quarter. Our philosophy is to acquire, modernize and grow iconic media brands, while preserving and enhancing the core that makes them special,” said Ori Elraviv. “With a combination of social media, search and organic traffic strategies, we have been able to drive a highly engaged and loyal audience across our sites.”

There are several unique highlights that underscore the success of Literally’s approach to digital media.

  • Know Your Meme: The world’s largest internet culture encyclopedia and research community. Know Your Meme is dedicated to documenting and explaining the origins, history and evolution of the viral internet.
    • Had its all-time record breaking daily sessions in April.
    • Continuous growth on search traffic, accounts for more than 70% of site traffic.
  • Cheezburger Network: Viral content for everyone. Cheezburger is a collection of digital funny stuff, with favorite brands like Memebase, Failblog and I Can Has Cheezburger?
    • All-time record breaking daily sessions in Q1 2020
    • Saw more than 300% growth YOY
    • Over 50m monthly sessions, 6 million monthly site sessions driven from Pinterest alone.
  • eBaum’s World: The original digital comedy brand. Founded in 2001, eBaum’s team and its fans curate the internet’s funniest memes, viral videos and images
    • Direct visitors in Q1 averaged more than 8 minutes on the site per session. Facebook visitors return an average of 4.5 sessions per user.
  • Cracked: Informed humor, Cracked offers the smart take on topics important and ridiculous. Deep-dive articles and thoughtful features engage loyal readers with a witty look at real life.
    • Grew daily content output by 3x, including a new 10 part video series

“We are experiencing quarter over quarter record growth across our properties, and expect a further surge of interest in our humor and meme content as more people are at home, looking for entertaining, informative and uplifting content,” said Colby Droscher, Editor in Chief at Literally Media. “We are seeing an increase in engagement and loyalty across our sites and are constantly innovating to generate more original content for our fans, including new podcasts, video series and deep dive articles about trending and relevant topics.”

About Literally Media

Literally Media offers the biggest portfolio of digital comedy and culture brands, offering enduring content loved by 40 million people worldwide. We find authentic voices and grow them with an innovative business approach. Advertisers can reach some of the world’s largest humor and culture audiences, and gain rich analysis through our viral consultancy. From funny videos to relevant insights, Literally is the place to go for funny and trending content. Literally Media is part of WeEndeavor, a selected group of companies, owned and backed by Jacob Nizri.

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