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Know Your Meme Releases “COVID-19 Meme Insights” Report

Report Shows COVID-19 Related Meme Peak in Early April, With Young Males As Key Group

NEW YORK, May 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Know Your Meme released a new report that uncovers the themes and trends behind the viral content that drove internet culture as COVID-19 came to the US in the beginning for 2020. Within just three months, Know Your Meme accumulated a record-breaking 100 entries, and 6,500 images related to the virus were uploaded to the database. As the pandemic spread, many took to social media to connect and relieve their loneliness and stress, which is clear by the key themes that mix humor with many of the topics that dominated news headlines week by week.

“Millions of people have connected through memes during the COVID-19 pandemic about everything from hand washing to quarantine, and our research helps companies better understand this important part of digital culture,” said Don Caldwell, Editor-in-Chief of Know Your Meme. “We saw several clear meme phases as people first learned about the virus, faced initial fears as it came to the US, and then started living in isolation. With many months of the pandemic ahead of us, this research can provide insights for how memes may evolve in the future and how to be a positive part of it.”

The report shows that there was a surge in COVID-19 meme activity near the end of March into early April as the virus took hold in the US. Males made up 72.1% of all COVID-19 meme activity and people ages 25-34 were the largest age group to participate. Know Your Meme finds three main themes dominated in order:

  • Virus Goes Viral: Initial virus memes centered around comedic comparisons to the plague and other historic worst-case scenarios.
  • The “Right” Response: When experts became the focus of popular news, many recommendations found their way into memes as people struggled to change their habits.
  • ISO Life: Once people were subject to social distancing rules, many memes emerged about the strain and hilarity of being stuck alone at home.

“Know Your Meme Insights provides brands with deep dive research and consulting from our rich database of meme culture, and this report highlights the depth of information that brands can access to help plan their online marketing in a way that is relevant and sensitive to real life,” said Ori Elraviv, CEO at Literally Media, which owns Know Your Meme.

Click here to download the report “COVID-19 MEME INSIGHTS.”

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