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Our team of experts help brands and agencies keep their finger on the pulse of culture today, while predicting where things are headed tomorrow.

Get unique insights into social context and cultural depth from the leading meme specialists.

Examine Memes of the Past

Learn what resonates and why. Uncover trends and compare different themes.

We explain the characteristics that caused it to trend online, the primary communities involved and how it evolved over time.

Track Memes of Today

Follow social media activities in real time; identify what drives clicks and conversation during a campaign or meme trend.

We keep watch over the internet to advise on real time response, where it will have the most impact.

Plan Memes of the Future

Use viral data to determine what themes will resonate most for future campaigns.

Millions of people have connected through memes during the COVID 19 pandemic about everything from handwashing to quarantine, and our research helps companies better understand this important part of digital culture.

Don Caldwell
Editor in Chief of Know Your Meme
Joe Exotic and a tiger

Did You Know

Did You Know

Our Research Shows:

  • Memes drive pop culture tastes and trends
  • Memes make people laugh, bring people together and even define a generation
  • Memes can amplify the success and failure of brand launches, ad campaigns, TV shows and movies
  • Memes can have a powerful impact on a person or company’s reputation

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